Friday, 15 November 2013

Mon 11th Nov - The Temples of Angkor pt.2

Following a quick look at The Elephant Terrace, it was time to time to head round to Ta Prom, otherwise known as The Tombraider temple because they shot a few exteriors here, before moving back to the soundstage for interiors on a huge temple set at Pinewood studios.
The French (re)discoverers of the temples decided that one of them should be left 'au natural', more or less as they'd found it. And with the huge trees growing on top of the ancient ruins, giving a palpable sense of antiquity, it certainly seems like the most aesthetically pleasing choice. Though the encroaching roots will certainly bring this gorgeous temple to the ground quicker than without them.

The Elephant Terrace, so called because...
Will and I take a window each.

This is Ta Prom. By now the tour parties were well on the scene, and we could no longer pretend we were alone.

 Finally, after some heavy rain had cleared the air and lunch had beckoned many away, it was time to tackle the big draw: Angkor Wat.

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