Saturday, 7 December 2013

Thurs 21st Nov - More from Mulu's Imaginary Menagerie

My first leech, a tiger leech. Poor photo taken at awkward angle and in haste. I didn't realise how tenacious the little things are - as well as attaching by toothed mouth, they can also attach at the tail, which makes removal a little bit like the comedy of trying to avoid sticking your fingers together with spilt superglue. Cigarette lighter duly borrowed and applied, leech attached to thumb, then to middle finger before finally being pinched with leaf and smote underfoot. A farcical first attempt.

Another very different  kind of centipede.
Which could be related to this enormous wood lousey thing.
Stick insect
The biggest ant that I've yet seen, and by its left foot, next to the zipper, a very tiny cousin.
These red ants were part of a very long and highly regimented mission that stretched from a hole in the river bank, up a shrub, across a fallen palm leaf and thirty foot up a tree in search of something tasty.
Poisonous caterpiller

This little frog with blue reflective eyes just sat on its perch while we snapped away.
Likewise this chameleon like lizard moved hardly a muscle as we papped it from all angles.

Big green spider.
This spider had rigged a silk cradle between its forelegs in which to catch it's prey.
Another poisonous caterpillar.

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