Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Weds 20th Nov - Mulu's Imaginary Menagerie pt.1

This little snake surprised me by falling from a hole in the ceiling onto the table on which I was leaning in the dorm at Mulu National Park. It was only very small, but I had no idea whether it was venomous or not, so gingerly ushered it out through a crack in the far wall to go chase some mice.
This beautiful and protected butterfly is named after James Brookes the third Raja of Sarawak. There's a $1000 fine if you squish it.
You'd need a whole clove of garlic for this escargot.
This here was the largest of many large millipedes I saw, about ten inches long and as thick as a Cuban cigar, though probably not as aromatic.
Twiggy on the catwalk.
A few of the many tyoes of dragonflies in Borneo.
This huge gecko was hanging around above the door to the dorm, notable only for its size. I guess it was almost a foot long, and very well fed.
A hammer-headed fly! Whatever next? It'll learn to read and study the Cambodian genocide.

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